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In Büyükada there is very little information about pre-Byzantine settlements. Probably the most important finding in the island, which was inhabited in antiquity, was found in 1930, near the Greek Orthodox graveyard in Karacabey, and the father of Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia II. It is the Büyükada Defines which contains the golden coins of Filip. They are all 207 gold coins and are currently in the Istanbul Archeology Museum. Büyükada, like the other Istanbul islands, has gained fame and monasteries in the 7th century Byzantine period. As a result of the disputes of the throne, political and religious disputes in Byzantium, princesses, princes and clergymen were sent to exile in Büyükada and these horrible works were done.

About one and a half months before the conquest of Istanbul by the Turks, Sultan Mehmed, Baltaoglu Süleyman Bey surrendered Kınalıada, Burgazada and Heybeliada with a navy and was able to resist for a short time only because he had a fortress in Büyükada.

With the Turks taking the Islands, peace and tranquility have come. The locals have gone on to fishing and agriculture. The monasteries and monks in the churches continued their lives by multiplying manuscript religious works.

The settlement of the Turks to the island occurred in 1846 when small ships began to serve. In 1875, regular voyages were passed with the arrival of larger ships. After that the population in Ada has increased rapidly. Along with the rich Turks, the foreigners were also popular with Ada and the buildings, churches and mosques were built, reflecting the architectural style of the mansions, mansions, and houses. One of the first three municipalities established in Istanbul during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz in 1861 was the Adalar Municipality Organization, which was called the Seventh Circle, and it became the center of Büyükada.

In the earthquake that erupted in 1894 and in the bazaar fires that occurred in the early 1900's, significant damage took place. After 1945, the Turks who came to the island from the summer had been multiplied and the construction started around the pier and continued along the coast and climbed to the hills. It remains one of the most distinguished places of Büyükada Istanbul, which was accepted as a SIT area in 1984

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