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Marine House Boutique Hotel, is located at central Büyükada, with a fabulous sea view from its terrace, and only 100 meters from the sea bus, ship and motorboat landing.

You can enjoy the fireplace in our lobby and have a good time with 24-hour tea and coffee service.

While your children have a good time in the children’s corner in our hotel, you can rest, listen to music or watch a film.

You can surf the internet as you rest, or keep up with your business through our free wireless internet service.

You can enjoy a fire either in the lobby or on the terrace with its fabulous views, and have a pleasant time with your friends and family.

Marine House Boutique Hotel offers its guests a clean, pleasant, comfortable, joyful and peaceful island enjoyment where they can feel at home at all hours of the day.

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Marine House Boutique Hotel, Recep Koç St. No: 8E Büyükada/İSTANBUL info@marinehousehotel.com

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